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How to build your own website - Domain name registration

By Sergey Skudaev

What do you need to know to build your own website?

Google gives opportunity to every one to earn money with advertising business. What you need to do is to create your own website, somehow attract visitors and place Google ads on your web pages. It seems so simple! How to start your website? How much does it cost? I will share with your my experience.

website contents

First you have to select a topic in which your are an expert or at least for which you have a passion. To attract visitors to your website your will need to write original contents that is interesting and useful for other people.

You cannot copy and paste pieces of text from other websites not only because it is illegal, but also because it is useless. If you want that your website will be findable in Google your have to write original text; a word combination that does not exists anywhere else except on your web pages. Google ignores duplicate pages and if you will copy and paste contents from internet your website will not be found and no visitors will come to you website.

I do not know how many pages you have to create, but the more contents your have the easier your website will be found in Google. I would say you have to write at least about hundred pages.

You really have to love your topic to be able to write such contents. Besides, the originality that is required for Google crawler, your have to remember that your site is for human being and that your contents should be interesting for your visitors on the first place.

So, when you think about your potential visitors do not forget about Google crawler and when you think about Google crawler, do not forget about your visitors.

You like pets, then create website about pets. You like computer, create website about computers. Let us pretend that we found a topic. What is the next?

Domain Name Registration

Next, you have to create domain name. Domain name for website is as much important as your name for you. If your name starts with T you will be served at the end of a queue. Often, it is better to have name which is started with A. Also, if you name is short and distinctive you will be less likely confused with some one else.

The same with domain name. It should be short, distinctive and it should starts with a digit or a character which is close to the beginning of the alphabet. It is good, if your domain name includes key word(s) for which you want your website to be found. However, long domain names with more than 2 keywords looks like spam. It is better to make it short.

Domain name must be registered by you, but first your have to check if it is not registered by some one else. Open Google search in your browser and type 'WHO IS domain'. You will find website where you can check if your domain name is not taken, or to whom it belongs if it is already registered.

You can go directly to to check and register your domain name there. I think, it is one of the best places to register domain names.

World's Largest Registrar -

Some hosting companies offer you hosting with free domain name registration. I had bad experience with one of such companies and now never "put all my eggs in one basket".

I prefer to register domain name in one company and host website in another company. This way, if I do not like hosting company, I can move my website to another server and forget about the company I left behind. My domain name is registered independently and I am free to go to anywhere.

My Domain names for sale!

If you are interested, contact me:

Domain Name Renewal

It is important not to miss renewal of your domain name. Usually, I register domain name for 2-3 years. It is not expensive, just about $10 for a year. If you do not renew your registration, your may loose your domain. It happened to me once. Someone picked up my domain after expiration and then I lost my website. You do not want to loose your website. If you keep your domain name, even if your hosting company stopped its service, you will not loose you website. You just move it to another server. It take up to two days to have it running again, but usually I have it running next day after I changed name servers.

How to Change Name servers

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